Dizzee's return to the underground?

A true 21st century pop star, Dizzee Rascal's ascent has taken him away from his grime roots.

Yet fans have always hankered for something fierce. Agreeing to sit in on Fekky's new cut, Dizzee Rascal has responded with some of his best bars in years.

'Still Sittin' Here' ramps up the energy, with the 140 tempo matched to some explicitly pop flourishes. The real stars are the MCs, who trade blows with a real sense of chemistry which just can't be faked.

Fekky's star is on the rise, deftly sampling 'Boy In Da Corner' opener 'Sittin' Here' for his new single. Agreeing to sit in, Dizzee Rascal pushes the single to new levels, an astonishing call to arms which re-unites one of grime's pioneers with the sound in its current state.

Check it out now.

'Still Sittin' Here' is due to be released on August 25th. Pre-order link.

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