1920s standard re-jigged

In these days of ever advancing technology the world rarely sleeps, with time flooding past at an ever increasing speed.

Trends come and go in the time it takes to click open a web page, with viral sensations eroding the need for a bit of good, honest hard graft. Which makes it all the more stranger, then, to see Welsh psych-folk hero Euros Childs re-working a song from the 1920s.

Perhaps best known for Vera Lynn's war time version, Euros Childs recently took on the standard 'Its A Lovely Day Tomorrow'. Recording his version in the kitchen using only basic equipment, the result is a stunningly evocative performance.

Through his career with Gorkys Zygotic Mynki onto his solo efforts, Euros Childs is a true original. Doffing his cap to songwriters of a pre rock age, the Welsh songsmith has managed to add something of himself to a song already forgotten before he was even born.

Watch it now...

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