It's a gorgeous R&B hymnal...

R&B prodigy emawk links with Riverdale actor Hart Denton for new video '18'.

The single is out now, and it's already picking up steam online - an immaculate piece of songwriting, it's ultra-refreshing vocal picks apart the vagaries of a relationship.

Musically taut while lyrically clear, emawk seems to able to encapsulate emotions you were otherwise afraid to bring out into the open.

Riverdale star Hart Denton is a fan of the American artist's music, and decided to hit him up on DM.

Exchanging ideas, he stars in the video for '18', playing the lead role as emawk narrates a break up.

Mattias Russo-Larsson and Lewis Atallah brought the clip to life, with emawk adding "on the surface, ‘18’ is a break-up song, but underneath there are three separate songs I wrote at three different points in my life, each full of different moments and feelings I was struggling with."

"I put them together just to see how it would sound, and I ended up with a story that meant more to me than I thought it would."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Mattias Russo-Larsson

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