Soaring psych-pop that gleams of innocence...
El Goodo

Welsh psych-pop wonders El Goodo know their way around a perfect melody.

Maybe it's those years spent poring over lost 60s cuts, or maybe it's those endless hours in the rehearsal room - whatever it is, the results are plain to see.

New album 'By Order Of The Moose' arrives on September 8th, and it's immensely listenable, a beguiling collection of perfect little pop songs.

New cut 'It Makes Me Wonder' is a great introduction, matching 60s girl group classics against their world-weary Welsh sound.

Singer Pixy Jones recalls the moment he first brought the song to the rest of the band: "On the demo I sampled the drums intro of 'Be My Baby' by the Ronettes. Matty commented that the drums sounded good, how did I get that sound? I told him that I played it in the kitchen on various saucepans and he believed me."

Tune in now.

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