Hurtling towards a distant universe...
'The Mountain Will Fall' screenshot

DJ Shadow is set to release new album 'The Mountain Will Fall' on June 24th, with the producer unveiling a series of previews.

The Run The Jewels aided trailblazer 'Nobody Speak' emerged first, with the producer now unveiling the clip for 'The Mountain Will Fall'.

A ruminative, meditative sub-low exploration, the visuals perfectly match DJ Shadow's stark futurism. An astronaut on a distant planet is blasted out into space, the music flooding past in the vast expanse of a far off universe.

Territory Studios took charge of the video, and director Marti Romances explains:

"As huge fans, it’s been a pleasure to collaborate with DJ Shadow on the graphics. We’re really excited by the project and look forward to an amazing come back. The peaceful and long momentum of the song inspired us to create something very unanimated and mysterious. The part we like the most is where we see the astronaut being shot into hyperspace and then we see that being part of that cosmic constellation at the end.”

Check it out now.

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