Another preview...

As difficult as it might be to believe, but Depeche Mode were - for the bulk of the 80s - critical bete noires.

The band seemed unable to do anything right, and despite selling millions of records across the globe were shunned to the sidelines by the music press.

It's remarkable, then, to reflect on the good will which accompanies the group's forthcoming album 'Delta Machine'. Lead single 'Heaven' was met rapturously by fans, with critics able to reflect on the group's undeniable influence on pop culture.

Invited to perform on David Letterman's always essential Live On Letterman full concert series, a clip has almost immediately emerged online. Performing 'Heaven' the band are on ferocious form. Holding nothing back, Depeche Mode display a visceral side which is shot through with Dave Gahan's love of the blues.

Watch it now.

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'Delta Machine' is set to be released on March 25th.


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