Darrell Cole
A vital force in European hip-hop...

Darrell Cole is a product of his environment.

Born in London but with his heritage in Sierra Leone, turmoil in his homeland forced the family to move to Belgium.

Growing up in a broken environment, he learned independence from an early age, coming up the hard way. It's what shaped him, though, and this defiance rings out in his music - blunt but humane hip-hop, rap delivered with real lyricism.

New single 'Unanswered Questions' is partly inspired by a recent move to Barcelona, with changes in Darrell's life impacting on his music.

The beat is crisp, stark, while the backing vocals are little more than wisps of soul, a ghostly presence in the background.

Focussing on the responsibilities fatherhood offers, Darrell Cole looks back on his own life, and how he can find progress.

A moving treatise, you can check out 'Unanswered Questions' below.

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