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Charli Taft is speaking her truth - and you're duty-bound to listen.

Part of a fresh wave of soulful energy within UK R&B, the songwriter is combining a unique sound with an international mindset.

New single 'Wish I Could' started as a voice note, laid down in lockdown; gradually adding to it, she later sent those sketches to Grammy-winning producer Daniel 'Obi' Klein and Johannes 'Josh' Joergensen.

Whittling it down over several sessions, 'Wish I Could' eventually came into sharp focus, a piece of ambitious R&B with a UK slant.

As Charlie Taft puts it, the warm, nostalgic feeling comes from her own upbringing. She says:

“‘Wish I Could’ is a special record to me as it really evokes the magic of R&B hits I used to listen to on the radio growing up. It’s just soaked in that classic, timeless feel. I really wanted my album to capture sounds from my favourite era of music and make them my own.”

A song about the-one-that-got-away, 'Wish I Could' speaks eloquently about mistakes. She adds:

"It describes the feeling of being emotionally conflicted, wishing you could turn back the clock to be with an ex, even though you know it’s ultimately futile! The lyrics are melancholic and raw and yet the track is powerful and uplifting, so it has this interesting, magnetic quality to it. I hope when people hear it, it gives them all the nostalgia and all the feels! To me, it’s a new type of heartbreak song - a ‘feel-good heartbreak anthem’ - and I’m sure so many people will be able to relate when they hear it."

Daniel 'Obi' Klein directs the visuals, which spin Charli Taft's music in a 'luxe direction - tune in now.

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