Check out the new video from this vivid pop talent...
Camden Cox

Camden Cox is ready to share the video for new single 'Gold'.

The soaring pop talent has been building up to this moment for some time, and it's perhaps her most personal release yet.

Crisp of melody and biting of lyric, 'Gold' is a delicious pop nugget with a real sting in its tale.

"'Gold'​ means anything that is taken from you - be it money, sex, freedom, favours, trust, etc.” explains Camden Cox​, “'Now I'm standing here alone, now you've got the gold, I should've known better' expresses the stupidity you feel once you let the 'Gold' ​go and you realise you've given too much to someone else."

We're able to premiere the video, and it blazes with colour while music itself bangs hard.

Immediate, but refraining from the obvious, this clip proves that Camden Cox is worth her weight in 'Gold'.

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