Check out 'All Your Love Is Gone'
Boxed In

Boxed In is set to release his debut single 'All Your Love Is Gone' through Moshi Moshi on November 25th.

One of the most pleasing, satisfying aspects of the current psychedelic resurgence is just how English a lot of it sounds. After years of groups aping American style, it seems that new musicians are eager to embrace the whimsical, idiosyncratic side of the nation's identity.

Oli Bayston recently turned solo, using the name Boxed In to cover his curious productions. One part Neu! beat, one part Syd Barrett vision, the songwriter recently teamed up with producer-du-jour Dan Carey to focus on his first release.

New single 'All Your Love Is Gone' is the result. Featuring Liam Hutton on drums and Mark Nicholls on bass, the song is driven by an urgent piano refrain which underpins Bayston's pleading, chained-in-reverb vocals.

Out on November 25th, you can stream 'All Your Love Is Gone' below.

Boxed In has also confirmed two live shows. Taking part in Moshi Moshi's 15th birthday stint at Servant's Jazz Quarters in Dalston, Oli Bayston is also due to headline the capital's Waiting Room venue on December 2nd.

30 London Servant's Jazz Quarters (Moshi Moshi 15th Birthday Party)

2 London The Waiting Room

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