Shot by Stephen Wilkinson and Michael Robinson

'Dye The Water Green' is taken from Bibio's upcoming release 'The Green E.P.'

A hazy, beautifully composed piece, the video for the track expands on these pastoral elements. Steered by Bibio (Stephen Wilkinson) himself and Michael Robinson, the clip utilises additional footage by Jared Pike and David Mowad.

Sometimes it'd best to let the artists themselves explain...

Bibio: "Michael and I started a dialogue about working on this video back in 2012, way before I even shared the track with him. It was all about sharing keywords back then - vague, murky, impressionistic, lonely, tunnels, longing… The song has always been very visual for me, always revisiting the same imaginary places when I hear it. This is one of the reasons that it's my favourite track off the album; I like to wander in my mind and music is a trigger for that. For this video we relied more on 30+ year old tube video cameras as opposed to film, choosing them for their vague pastel-like quality".

Michael Robinson: "When Stephen and I first worked together back on ‘Excuses’, we found it necessary to communicate in a way that was like creating a new language, to name the visual bits that were discovered along the way. Since then we've shared visual discoveries, and each of us had a good idea on what was appropriate for this track".

"Earlier last year I had shared with Stephen a clip that was shot low-light in VHS, where the detail was very subdued on the raw footage. In lifting the images in post with gamma and level adjustments, there was something beautiful in the way it appeared, it felt very figment-like. But also to compare a sonic treatment - it felt almost bit-crushed, in the way the noise is broken up, and buried artifacts were revealed. From this reference Stephen shot his vocal take in low light, with a single candle used as source for a soft ambient cast".

"To me the video for ‘Dye The Water Green’ held a certain identifiable quality linked with a sense of possibility and exploration - when there is a new place to go, another bend around the corner to uncover, or a different vista coming into view".

Watch it now.

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'The Green E.P.' is set to be released on January 27th.

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