It's a bold, poignant offering from the vocalist...

Astræa seems able to channel every ounce of her being into each performance.

Rising to prominence through a series of potent covers, her beautiful renditions of ‘Mad World’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’ were used in high profile advertising campaigns.

But now it's time for Astræa to focus on her own work. The vocalist has shared new single 'Anybody Out There' and it's a poignant, timely work.

Frosted alt-pop that is both sparse and overwhelming, 'Anybody Out There' is about the search for communication, for a connection with another person.

The heartbreaking video transports the themes into the life of a homeless man, splicing his current plight with memories of a happy past.

With homelessness rising day by day on British streets, it's a timely, highly emotive video, one you won't forget easily.

Astræa comments: “I want to draw attention to the isolation and loneliness that homeless people face. It’s often much easier to walk on past a homeless person than to face the fact that it could be any one of us in their position. Sometimes all it can take is loss of a job, a divorce, or family troubles to put someone at risk of homelessness”.

“Homeless people are also some of the most vulnerable in society, with higher rates of mental illness and substance abuse than in the general population. With homelessness rates and deaths of homeless people on the rise, I want to ask the question, isn’t anybody out there for them?”

Tune in now.

Astræa will play St James Church, Piccadilly in London on March 31st.

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