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Mumbai pop voice Ash Lune has shared her gorgeous new single 'Before'.

Already a phenomenon, Ash Lune's sparkling touch and emotional honesty have caught a whirlwind of attention online.

Incoming debut EP 'Broken Science' is out on February 11th, an independent release that sees the singer walk her own path.

New single 'Before' leads the way, and it's a sweeping, vivid slice of pop songwriting etched in her own experiences.

A song about reaching towards the light, 'Before' is Ash Lune's attempt to move away from the darkness.

“It feels like I’ve waited to be happy my whole life. When you reach goals, you just set new ones and then you’re anxious and waiting to be happy again,” she explains. “This song is the realisation that even though I’m living my dream and my circumstances have changed for the better, my brain is still my brain and I’ve been here before. I’ve been in that paralysing mental state before. The scenery is different but the feeling remains.”

We're able to share the full video, which was directed by Brisbane film maker Joshua Tate. The director comments:

"Ash and I worked together to develop a visual concept that reflects the song's emotional narrative - this sense of being stuck in an endless loop of negative self-talk. She had the idea of basing the visuals around a house of mirrors which I loved so we built mirror walls and then spent a day in the studio playing around with the set ups to achieve a connective, reflective yet surreal atmosphere. It was really beautiful!”

Tune in now.

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