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A.I.W.C. can see life from different perspectives.

A true storyteller, this is a songwriter who wears different masks, who can adopt different personalities.

Constantly shifting, ever-changing, her debut single 'Senseless Drama' ties her exultant R&B down to one spot.

It's a multi-faceted diamond, with the light refracting in a thousand different directions, glimmering into sights unseen.

Exploring different aspects of female character, A.I.W.C. utilises future R&B as a means to pitch out autobiography.

She explains...

“A love tale of a woman that has multiple personalities and different agenda’s which manifest themselves through various attributes of ‘Senseless Drama’. Discovering the different characters a female possesses in times of tension and turmoil. We enter her world of mystery to discover each of her characters which the love interest will have to understand.” 

“During the story we take this trip through the house trying to discover the girl he is looking for, we meet the different characters along the way uncovering weird, crazy, interesting personalities who take us through the journey. We have to determine which person is the one for us, who do we choose? The choice is up to you and depends upon what you are looking for.”

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