Beautifully shot...

It's pretty rare for us to find a music video moving.

Engaging - f'sho. Dramatic - often. But in terms of producing an actual emotional response, bulldozing its way through the chaos of our average daily life... well, it's doesn't happen to often, to be honest.

'Eulogy To Eunice' though, is different. A track from Acid Pauli, the piece appears on his new album 'mst' which is set to see the light of day this summer on Nicolas Jaar's Clowns & Sunsets label.

Michael Carstens stepped in to shoot the film, with the results leaving us spellbound. Following a female protagonist, the city almost becomes a character in its own right.

Beautifully shot, the main character's search for love / friendship / acceptance seems to linger on the border between imagination and outright fantasy. Entrancing, evocative and sitting wonderfully with the music, 'Eulogy To Eunice' is a trip worth taking.

- - -

'mst' is set to be released on June 18th.

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