'Party Line' (Nathan Fake Remix)

More and more, recorded music is being viewed as a stopping off point, as a junction between bursts of artistic momentum.

The internet has de-mystified the studio process, allowing remixes and re-workings (both official and bootleg) to explode any defined notions of what the ‘finished product’ should be.

Ultraista – driven by Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker, with the voice of Laura Bettinson – know this better than most. The band’s debut LP dropped last Autumn, but since then the collective have been feeding out their music to guest producers.

What they’ve received back has clearly left a lasting impression. Gathering the cream of the crop, Ultraista intend to release a full remix album on September 2nd, containing remixes from Matthew Herbert, Prefuse73, Four Tet, Zero 7 and more.

A broad ranging collection, the material sits somewhere between the full body assault of the dancefloor and a more internal, introspective head space. Nathan Fake steps in to re-work ‘Party Line’ and proceeds to impact his own personality like few other producers around.

The Border Community lynchpin has a reputation for doing strange things to techno, and his take on ‘Party Line’ adds some intense, glitchy electronics as well as chopping up Bettinson’s vocals into shards of emotion.

Deep and entrancing, you can listen to it below.

'Ultraista Remixes' is set to be released on September 2nd.

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