Imagination, that's the key.

Popstrangers have been lumped in with many and various scenes, from the slacker-pop revival to the ongoing psychedelic resurgence.

But really, the band are impossible to pin down with their music veering in and out of genre lines in a quicksilver display of invention.

Currently based in London, the band recently went back into the studio with Rory Attwell. Locked away on Lightship95, Popstrangers managed to pin down their ideas, to define their whims, fancies and notions into a newfound coherency.

The results are tantalising. New single 'Rats In The Palm Trees' is all wispy vocals and slate grey guitar lines, reminiscent of the more austere yet intelligent end of the 80s indie pop spectrum.

Flip side 'Fortuna' is a different beast entirely. Downbeat psych with a melodic flair, it seems to unravel at its own pace, tracing a path which you feel compelled to follow.

Given a seven inch vinyl pressing, the single is out now through Carpark Records. Listen to 'Fortuna' below.

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