'Once More Now'
British Sea Power

There's something deeply English about the brass band.

Somehow the combination of those instruments taps into the immortal melancholy at the heart of England, a stable yet ever-evolving sense of tradition.

British Sea Power have long been fans of brass instrumentation, and recently toured the country with a full brass orchestra. The shows were vast, vivid occasions, with the band re-working some glistening moments from their acclaimed catalogue.

New album 'Sea Of Brass' finds British Sea Power taking these arrangements into the studio. A bold move, the group worked alongside the Foden’s Band - a renowned Cheshire-based brass ensemble, formed in 1900.

Out on October 30th, 'Sea Of Brass' will be available digitally, on vinyl and as a DVD. Ahead of this, Clash is able to unveil a new recording of 'Once More Now'.

The enormous swells and cavernous silences supplied by the brass orchestra tease out hitherto unexplored emotional fault-lines, adding renewed colour to the group's wonderful songwriting.

Check it out now.

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