Hear and download Kelpe's 'Midsommar'

In a way, Kelpe has always been ahead of his time.

As a kid, the producer hooked up his Amiga to a tape deck and begin producing warped, twisted techno music with the innocent sincerity which only someone who's never been near a rave can possess.

Almost a decade ago, Kelpe spun together Warp style electronics and fractured hip hop, producing something which even now would sound ground-breaking. Of late, the producer has teamed up with DC Recordings, releasing a string of fantastic albums and rapidly expanding his live show.

Sometimes operating with a live drummer, Kelpe's music is machine-like but with a human groove. Organic, but tech oriented the producer is set to take his live show to The Upfront Project this Friday (September 28th).

As a special treat, Kelpe has chucked ClashMusic a free track. 'Midsommar' opens with a warm repeated vocal, little more than vowel sounds stabbed out on a sampler.

The synths slide past, all 80s glare and fluorescent colours. The beat sits right underneath, the kind of woozy, warm summer day rhythm Dilla specialised in - but with a very British twist, naturally.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

Right click, 'Save As...'

The Upfront Project Presents Photek, Fantastic Mr Fox, Paul White, Fort Romeau, Kelpe... this Friday (September 29th). Find out more at the Facebook page.


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