'Oo Oo' (Dutch Uncles Remix)
Dutch Uncles

It's a well-worn truth that music is influenced by the environment within which it is created.

So DEADBEAR's decision to re-locate to Berlin has obviously had an impact on his music. Immersing himself in the city's vast creative community, the new possibilities offered by the German city appear to be allowing his material to fully blossom.

New cut 'Oo Oo' is a case in point. Enormously imaginative, it bursts with renewed energy, vigour and creativity - as DEADBEAR explains:

"I'm currently prepping an album sized among of songs for release - I don't know if they will turn into an album yet or a series of EPs but the new material is sounding powerful. Since moving to Berlin the environment here has had a huge effect on my music - I'm not making minimal techno but the new material is sounding more intense. The city is so infused with different cultural influences and geared to living life however you want. I recently played with Max Cooper at Tresor and that was an incredible experience and I loved the big room effect on my music. I'd also say the copious forests here are a huge influence on me too."

Dutch Uncles have stepped in on remix duties, and their take on 'Oo Oo' is slightly more wonky, slightly more colourful than the original. Pete Dutch Uncles explains:

"Since Deadbear did a top notch remix of our track 'Upsilon', it seemed only fair to repay the favour and remix his track 'Oo Oo'. After digging around the stems and snipping away the prime cuts, it felt natural to build the song around the predominant vocal samples. I'm sure Deadbear can tell you about the origins of the vocals, but to my ear they evoke religious connotations which set the tone of the instrumentation."

"I purposefully kept portions of the vocals un-gridded and tapped in the drums un-quantized to create an unsettling feel throughout the first section. Then as the song comes to a climax in the heavy final section. I kept a lot of the original gritty synths and dropped a tightly wounded 808 to contrast to the previous woozy sections. To round it all off, I also played in an off-kilter chorus guitar lick to create the trademark DU effect! Believe me I can write all day on this topic, so have a listen instead!"

Check it out now.

Dutch Uncles have confirmed the following shows:

28 Liverpool Kazimier

10 Newcastle The Cluny
11 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
14 London Solo
15 Bristol The Fleece
16 Cardiff The Globe

Photo Credit: Adrian Lambert

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