Gentleman's Dub Club

Reggae has always been the music of the streets.

The heyday of roots reggae saw performers such as Culture, Junior Murvin, Peter Tosh and more interacting with everyday life, discussing the trials and troubles which directly effected the people who bought their music.

It's something the reggae scene has never quite forgotten. Preparing to release their debut album, London based troupe Gentleman's Dub Club knew that they had to talk to their audience, that they had to reflect what was happening around them in a clear, concise manner.

The results are perhaps most poignantly expressed in 'Riot'. Inspired by the London riots, Gentleman's Dub Club look beyond the headlines and the recrimination to deal with life in a modern, sprawling city.

Naturally, there's a damn fine skank running underneath. Out now, 'Riot' harks back to the roots reggae lineage whilst dealing with the here and now - refusing to look backwards, Gentleman's Dub Club are proving that dance music can still be delivered with a social message.

Toasting the new release, ClashMusic are able to bring you an exclusive live version of 'Riot'. Containing all the energy you've come to expect from a Gentleman's Dub Club live show, this is skanking heaven.

Listen to it now.

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