Everyone has a hidden talent.

Anne-Marie has notched up more than eight million streams on Spotify, with her seductive take on pop-tinged R&B proving to be irresistible.

However she's also a three-time Shotokan-style karate champion. With plenty under her belt, it's clear from the outset that Anne-Marie is blessed with a real determination, an ability to see things through.

Fresh from working with Rudimental and Two Inch Punch, new single 'Alarm' finds the singer beginning to soar.

The track, though, is entirely bittersweet – it's about losing your partner to someone else.

Anne-Marie explains: "'Alarm' is about somebody I was dating and I guess I just always had a suspicion that he was doing something naughty. I'm a bit of an investigator and I found out my inkling was right! The thing is, he left someone to be with me and I always thought he could do it again. I love this song so much and I hope you love it too!"

Check it out now.

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