Ancora Tu
Roisin Murphy

Róisín Murphy has always thrown herself into new projects.

Continuing changing, continually moving ahead, what unites these projects, these varied whims, desires and studio efforts is a commitment to the voice, to singing.

Incorporating influences from across the musical spectrum, Róisín Murphy recently decided to explore Italian songcraft. A passionate devotee of Italian culture, she decided to record a number of classic tracks.

However there's so much more to this than simply correct pronunciation, with Róisín Murphy throwing herself into an entirely different culture of performance.

"Quite apart from the language, in some of the songs I was on the edge of what my voice can do" she explained recently. "There were tears and I almost walked away and gave up".

The results are quite powerful. New EP 'Mi Senti' will be released by the Vinyl Factory on May 28th, matching emotive performances against delicate arrangements. Ahead of this, Roisin Murphy has handed Clash a special preview.

'Ancora Tu' is one of the EP's true centrepieces, the Irish singer is backed by a cold-as-ice disco arrangement, allowing her free reign to tackle the song.

Listen to it now.

'Mi Senti' will be released on May 28th in a limited edition batch of 1000 - the first 500 copies will be signed by Róisín Murphy.

Pre-order link.

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