'Upsilon' (DEADBEAR Remix)
Dutch Uncles

The sun is shining, the weekend is (almost) here – time for something special to plug into your ears.

Dutch Uncles unveiled new single 'Upsilon' recently, a twisting, turning delight which effortlessly fused the band's pop and cerebral instincts.

Set to play London venue KOKO tonight (April 10th, TICKET LINK) the band are now ready to unveil a remix which takes the single in a fresh direction.

DEADBEAR drags 'Upsilon' into a slightly darker space, throwing in some barbed electronics alongside those poignant and oh-so-English vocals.

The producer explains: “It seemed like a perfect song to try and distill into something totally simple as opposed to the beguiling complexity of the original track.”

“Most of the track was written and produced at night. I wanted to create that feeling of being both isolated and totally in awe, maybe in love too, with the night time - the silence, and that sense that you're the only one awake for miles around. It's a feeling I've always really enjoyed and thrived on, it's kind of magical in a way. Especially if you're creating something.”

Dutch Uncles are clearly delighted with the results. The band's Robin Richards states: “We first heard of DeadBear after a collaboration with our pal Alex Hewitt (Egyptian Hip Hop) and we've been fans ever since. We love the less obvious approach on this remix and can imagine it being the perfect, calming reprise to the originals climax.”

Retaining the rhythmic complexity of the original but delivering it in a much more sparse fashion, you can tune into DEADBEAR's 'Upsilon' remix below.

Photo Credit: Adrian Lambert

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