Daisy Dares You

The product of a musical household and a fortunate early hook-up with a family friend - a producer with his own home studio - Daisy has been working at this since she turned a teenager.

Miss Odd Kid

Having burst onto the London club scene two years ago with a string of vital releases, Miss Odd Kid now seems fixated on a pop ideal. “I want to transcend club music.


We’re told not to make a big deal out of her name It’s quite simply a common name in her native country according to Mpho (pronounced Mmmm-poh); conveniently meaning gift, it’s lucky that she se


His popularity with French fashion bloggers and his cover of Britney’s ‘Womanizer’ has brought Sliimy a big following and a number two album in France.

Miike Snow

Having already written one of the most famous and annoying singles of the 21st Century ('Toxic' by Britney Spears in case you're wondering), it seemed that the writers and producers who make up Miike


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