A gorgeous evocation of fading summer...
'All Yours'

On dropping the needle on 'All Yours', the third album by Widowspeak, it's impossible to shake the notion that here is an album that might just prove to have longevity - to be a loved collection of stunningly written and presented pop songs.

Beginning with the effortless loping groove of the title track, we're quickly under the spell of Molly Hamilton's breathy vocal tones. 'Narrows' threatens that it might take off, should it wish to, as playful guitar lines and tremulous strings. At times it feels like the band are reaching for the understatedly epic strata of George Harrison's best Beatles work. That it feels like they might have succeeded with this song should give you a sense of just how special this album could be.

While 'Dead Love (So Still)' has a fabulous bass groove driving it along, as well as a deceptive number of guitar layers which help it to pack a real punch. The plaintive harmonica and guitar duel of the early flourishes of 'Girls' take things in a decidedly more countrified direction. It boasts a gorgeous chorus, and the organs which herald the section's entrance are an understated joy.

The hyperbole and celebration could go on and on, but it would be redundant. As the final days of an all-too-brief summer fade into the darker days of autumn and winter, you couldn't have a better companion to share them with.


Words: Haydon Spenceley

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