Come ride the rainbow...
'The Scene Between'

It's been five years since The Go! Team blessed us with their everything-but-the-kitchen-sink glee rock, and they've truly been missed.

In an age of cold shoulder minimalism and back to basics guitar work the group's greedy mix of hip-hop, funk, no-wave and bubblegum pop provide sweet relief. From the soda-fizzing sample kicking off opener 'What D'You Say?' the album leaps forth onto a twelve track audio rainbow that can't help but get ya feet moving. 

Second number-cum-title track 'The Scene Between' builds on a strong first with a pretty audacious use of harpsichord before letting an ear-splitting yet bouncy drum attack carry things nicely. 'Waking The Jetstream' is so psychedelic-ally silly it should be the credit track to the Adventure Time movie in the pipeline.

Instrumental 'Rolodex The Seasons' strips things back to a simple but infectious melody before nicely peaking with a badass child sample. 

The group's Sonic Youth influences are seen on the raucous 'Blowtorch' - a wash of guitars smothering the sweet pill below.

The brilliant titled 'Gaffa Tape Bikini' is one of the instrumentals that could have been built into something bigger, but it's still a welcome addition to the mad proceedings. 'Catch Me On The Rebound' is a perfect 60s pop number if they'd been filtered through garage rock and some Moog synths.

Refreshingly, the album finishes with its two strongest efforts: the sing-a-long 'The Art Of Getting By (Song For Heaven's Gate)' and the indie-rock tinged 'Reasons Left To Destroy', a real highlight full of inspired key changes. Simply put, 'The Scene Between' is a happy remedy to a cynical industry and scary, un-groovy world. One listen and you'll be transported back to your teens - when some sunshine and a little dance would cure all.


Words: Sam Walker-Smart

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