The Brussels beat maker has created something kind of unforgettable...

Belgian-based producer ShunGu brilliantly plays the line between being underground and being on-trend in his latest offering ‘A Black Market Album’. Roping in guest vocals from Pink Siifu, Spote Breeze and Mamoyo in his breezy production, it’s an album that speaks of its own greatness right from the off.

Opening with the thumping beats of ‘The Room Intro’, it blends the funky basslines and soulful synths of groovy track ‘Roll With Me’ with Pink Siifu. The groove continues in tracks ‘Tokyo Express’ which makes clever use of percussions, as well as ‘Groove It Baby’ - a hypnotic interlude that echoes in listeners’ ears long after the track moves on.

Rap track ‘Drop Knowledge’ is a highlight, with Spote Breeze’s verse cheekily dropping political innuendos in among the booming instrumentals. ‘Pick Up The Phone’ - once again featuring the compelling stylings of Pink Siifu - is psychedelic in its pull and becomes the second stand-out; as smooth sonics blend with silky verses.

The tail-end of the album make less of an impression, with tracks ‘Let’s Go Outside’ and ‘Don’t Really Know’ seeming a little too loud and out-of-step in an otherwise seamless offering. But the project’s lyrically impeccable closer, ‘ Touch By Sun’, makes up for this - featuring the spoken-word genius of Mamoyo .

Known as one of YouTube’s best of lo-fi channels, Brussels’ beat maker ShunGu brings together experimentation with a familiar lineage of instrumental hip-hop. Carefully put together, yet seemingly casual, ‘A Black Market Album’ is worth a listen for a taste of unforgettable musicality.


Words: Malvika Padin

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