Two dub heavyweights collide...
'Late Night Endless' artwork

'Late Night Endless' is a tale of two titanic bass minds meeting. Arriving, aptly, on both Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound and Pinch's Tectonic, this is their first joint full-length. And perhaps the greatest thing about this whole project is the mutual admiration the pair have for each other's work, despite the generational gap.

Someone who's been operating, tirelessly, in dub since the '80s, Sherwood has long-gained the admiration of Pinch (Rob Ellis). Yet after Ellis invited Sherwood to play at his Tectonic takeover at Fabric, Sherwood has since explained how impressed he was by Pinch - and there you have it; the disciple became the collaborator.

'Shadowrun' is our introduction - a piece of steadily-paced dub that fires gunshots far and wide, seeming more heavily skewed towards the sounds of Tectonic (past and future). But Sherwood makes his stamp soon enough on second track 'Music Killer Dub' - which brings together of some of the figures of his past - Congo Ashanti Roy, Mikey Dread, Congo Natty, Lee Perry and Prince Far I. That being said, there's a conscious effort not to make this album a vocal-led set, and overall the tracks lean towards being smoky, reverb-drenched cuts of no-nonsense bass weight with the occasional voice - Temi 'Queen' Odeyale singing in Yoruba on 'Stand Strong', for example, or Daddy Freddy's 'maaaarijuaana' growls on 'Bucketman'.

The ease at which the pair have been able to work together is audible on this LP (and supposedly they've a whole album's worth of material left!) The outcome here is strictly a union of old and new; ghosts of 00's dubstep meet 2015 club ideas, while dub reaches for new heights while being heavily indebted to its past. It's honestly pretty hard to find fault in these ice-cool items of heavy sub pressure, which somehow manage to also give off warmth. Two years spent reconstructing and re-dubbing has clearly paid off for the pair; an essential for all the late-night dub heads out there.


Words: Felicity Martin

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