A successful shift in style from the songwriter...
'Someone Out There'

As suggested by the title and lyrical content of lead single ‘Reborn’ (and the other early glimpses at new music that followed), ‘Someone Out There’ brings a noticeable shift in style for Rae Morris.

Where once live drums, acoustic guitars and pianos were predominant, you will now more likely find the sounds of electro-pop synths, basslines and drum patterns. That’s not to say Morris has completely abandoned what came before; it’s still there in the delicate brass and string instrumentation of album opener ‘Push Me To My Limit’, as well as the piano-led title track ‘Someone Out There’. But whether tender, triumphant or playful, a newly injected energy pervades, adding an extra dimension to her undeniable vocal talent.

Given that it was up there with the best pop songs of last year, it’s fair to say that ‘Atletico (The Only One)’ remains the high watermark, but there are other gloriously bouncy gems that confirm Rae Morris’ transformation into a bona fide pop star.

And it doesn’t seem like a reluctant transformation at all - Morris appears buoyed by an emergent sense of confidence. It’s very difficult not to be charmed by someone clearly having so much fun doing what they love.


Words: James Kilpin

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