A superb introduction to a giant of French house...
'Point G - Live Season 1 The Unreleased Files'

Point G is the sharper, tougher alias of Gregory Darsa, also known as DJ Gregory. Back in the ‘90s Darsa delivered a consistent barrage of sophisticated yet rough tracks. Recently, though, through his (reasonably) new alias he has focused his musical talents on producing club-ready tools where melody goes on the back foot - and raw snares and brisk, sturdy basslines take to the fore. To really enjoy a Point G track, you have to hear in in a club – that’s what these tracks were made for and that’s where they shine.

Up until now, these tracks were only available on vinyl so for the most part this release consists of songs that were already accessible. But what a selection of tracks they are. ‘Braka' is a rolling beast of a track with an infectious breakbeat. In ‘Underwater’, a muffled melody line punctuates a harsh beat and ‘Balea' is a fine example of how tech-house can be both interesting and danceable.

What makes this release especially interesting is that it comes accompanied with a bundle of edits. Each track, in light of how Darsa has modified it in a live setting, takes on a whole new life and each track is reimagined with more depth. ‘Braka' is transformed into a textured, almost ambient showstopper, which could turn the tide of any set towards a more euphoric feel. ‘Indian’ now sounds like it could have been released on reputable German minimal label Perlon.

Despite the diversity on show, all these tracks sound like Darsa produced them – they have a certain bite to them that has characterised his work as Point G. For those already engaged in his music, this selection of tracks will provide a reminder of the man’s talent. For those looking for a selection of club-ready cuts, compiled neatly into an easily digestible package and a way into Darsa’s extensive discography, this is the place to start.


Words: Alex Green

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