An infectious journey through reggae, dub and dancehall...
'You See Me Star'

Live circuit darlings Mungo's Hi Fi return with 10 tracks of bouncing beats and steady rhythms with young gun Charlie P leading the charge vocally this time round. The opener-cum-title track 'You See Me Star' boldly sets the tone with a fine old skool reggae beat carrying P's authentic lyrical stylings - showing the listener they're in capable hands.

Happily, there is no sense of imitation (as is often the worry) on these songs, rather just a clear love for the genre and indeed those crucial vibes essential for the music. Second track 'Music Politics' ups the tempo and while Charlie P's message is that of disowning the 'hypocrites' and wanting all to just get together and have a damn good skank. Fair enough.

Bass-heavy 'Imitators' kicks off with a synth line that plays the main notes from the Beverly Hills Cop theme tune, which is either willfully silly or secretly genius. It's hard to tell. The keys and production on 'Alphabet' just about fall on the side of cheesy and unfortunately weaken an otherwise strong number with some impressive flow by P.

'Life Is What You Make It' is the album's belting number, a personal song that acts as fine ode to P's passed mother and the power of music to heal and transform. Closing track 'Back To My Roots' is three and half minutes of finely executed roots reggae with a suitably relaxed mood and would make fine company for anyone this summer.

'You See Me Star' may not break any new ground but it's a hell of a lot of fun and won't harm anyone's stereos when the sun is shining. Now to catch these boys live again.


Words: Sam Walker-Smart

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