Inga Copeland turns her gaze on London...
'Live In Paris'

Despite being recorded at Red Bull Music Academy in Paris last year, this menacing part-live-show / part-studio-album sees Lolina (AKA Inga Copeland, AKA the former Hype Williams artist) turn her gaze on London. It’s probably safe to say she doesn’t like what she sees...

Surrounded by giant Monopoly board screens, both Copeland and the audience are dwarfed by symbols of extreme wealth. As the show progresses, hotels spring up and the battered Monopoly boot - traditionally the most down-trodden piece in the game - bounces from street to street, losing money as it goes, before the city erupts into flames.

Musically, this is a natural step on from last year’s ‘RELAXIN’ With Lolina' EP – indeed the ominous first track from that record opens the film. The rest of the set alternates between warped pop and mordant instrumental pieces. ‘Chance’ embraces the Monopoly theme, with Copeland reciting place names, “jail, jail, jail...” and super tax. ‘2nd Chance’ uses treated piano to conjure a singularly dank and doomy ambience, and ‘Last Days Of Being A Wanker’ is a skittering electronic breakdown.

Throughout, Copeland stands alone on stage, face obscured by the dark, documenting the dissolution of a capital that has become an increasingly difficult place to live.


Words: Will Salmon

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Lolina - Live in Paris from Lolina on Vimeo.

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