A strong mini-album...
'Built On Broken Bones Vol.1'

When listening to Joseph J. Jones you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s a an old barfly at your local pub, who sometimes sings. He’s been around the block, got some good stories, but ultimately is telling you what not to do. The truth is he’s a fresh faced 25 year old, who cut his teeth in the East End pub circuit before getting a deal in 2015.

Since then he has cut out a niche with brutally honest songs, with a neo soul/gospel vibe. His debut album, ‘Built on Broken Bones (Vol. 1)’ is full of such songs. Opener ‘No Mercy’, although underpinned with electronic motifs, has a massive gospel chorus. ‘Tears & Tequila’ and ‘Seasons’ are more delicate, but the end message is the same; “I’ve been hurt, but I’m OK now...”

Jones is the owner of a voice is full of pain, heartache, jubilation and redemption. And this is what the album is built round. Each of the seven songs are designed to showcase a different side to it. ‘All Or Nothing’ is all about the roaring and soaring power of it. ‘Put The Word Out’ is full of guttural pain that comes with love and loss.

The only limitation of this is that sometimes the music feels like an after-thought and as it's all about ‘the voice’. This isn’t necessary a bad thing when Jones can let rip as he does, but hopefully there will be more of a balance on Volume 2.


Words: Nick Roseblade

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