The indie-folk duo bring atmospheric wanderlust to life…

Australian indie-folk duo, Hollow Coves bring an atmospheric wanderlust to life with their debut album ‘Moments’.

Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins are at their best when describing longing thoughts and melancholic daydreams of far-off places. The line “I’m dreaming of the road again, set free in the wind, feels like we found home again,” is the very essence of the world they’ve created for themselves and others alike. The Brisbane duo also touch on some serious subjects like depression, despair and finding love, but usually combine it with an optimistic note.

One of the more inspirational songs on the album is ‘Anew’ - an attempt to write something that would inject a bit of hope into people’s lives. “You still got so much more to say. Live for another day,” can be seen as a plea to their fans to keep faith in the goodness of the planet.

The chilled indie melodies combined with soft vocals and minimal acoustic guitar sounds incite a bigger understanding of what the universe has given us. The entire album seems to be constructed out of symbols of nature - gasping wind, clutching waves, hallowing mountains - that at times becomes trancelike, in a way that can only be described as magic. It’s not hard to picture ‘Moments’ as an alternative to the soundtrack of ‘Into the Wild’ - the biopic of Christopher McCandless who gave away his savings to charity and possessions, and set out on a journey to the Alaskan wilderness.

With one EP and now one album, Hollow Coves have already succeeded in making what can only be described as a signature sound. The self-reflective lyrics with the harmonising vocals combined with earthy folk acoustics are perfectly executed, especially in tracks ‘Adrift’ and ‘Beauty in the Light’.

Listening to this record, the world around us could disappear but we’d still be in bliss, with good energy surrounding us.   


Words: Lauren Dehollogne

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