A disappointing return from the punk crew...
'Bloody Lovely'

As DZ Deathrays begin with ‘Shred For Summer,’ a pummelling track of shrill screams that’s akin to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’, ‘Bloody Lovely’ starts like an album ready to destroy you with its raw power. However, this feeling soon dissipates.

After the snotty ‘Total Meltdown’, ‘Bloody Lovely’ descends into a cacophony of oversaturated and clean production. Tracks like ‘Feeling Good, Feeling Great’, ‘High’ and ‘Guillotine’ feel soulless and lack the gusto that DZ Deathrays have shown through their live shows and previous releases.

Albeit brief, there are glimmers in which the duo capture the visceral and angsty essence of their past through the tribal ‘Back _ Forth’ and closer ‘Witchcraft Pt. II’. So while the album as a whole isn’t completely void of vigour, these redeeming moments unfortunately come far too late on the record, which results in a vapid and disappointing overall listen.


Words: Liam Egan

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