A mixed bag that charms but lacks cohesion...
'Marble Skies'

After a good enough but fairly ordinary sophomore album in 2015, Django Django return with follow-up ‘Marble Skies’ and this time it’s more adventurous.

It’s also substantially more ‘80s, without being on the nose about it. However, these influences come and go and occasionally the record harks back to the late-‘60s, early-‘70s pop weirdness of ‘Born Under Saturn’.

A prime example of this is ‘Sundials’, a plinky piano ballad with shades of early Elton John if he’d been influenced by The Stranglers’ ear for odd melodies. Lead single ‘Tic Tac Toe’ is an amalgamation of previous singles ‘First Light’ and ‘Waveforms’, but is considerably less effective and far more forgettable.

In its entirety ‘Marble Skies’ is a mixed bag that showcases the multitude of genres Django Django can draw upon, but it lacks cohesion. The high points come when the Edinburgh band go full GTA Vice City like they do on ‘Beam Me Up’, but these moments are too far and few between.


Words: Matthew Cooper

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