A timeless collection of blossoming ballads…
Broken Twin - May

Majke Voss Romme, aka Broken Twin, is from the Danish flatlands of Northern Jutland, and her writing encapsulates that growing artistic motif of Nordic noir.

The musical beauty of her self-produced debut album ‘May’ is in its sense of plenitude and economy. Nothing is wasted. There is not a purest vocal, stringed note or timpani beat that is not hugely significant.

That finesse is matched by the pained and romantic gnosis in her voice and lyrics; poetic on ‘The Aching’ where her tender vibrato, wandering above an old piano, is hit by a tide of strings, and the overarching atmosphere of emotional vulnerability is quite palpable.

Her decision to sing in English is an interesting one, and a captious listener might ponder – like with Ásgeir’s recent album – if we would have preferred the lights switched off, for that truly recondite air of mystery.

Nevertheless, this is a timeless collection of blossoming ballads.


Words: Joe Zadeh

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