A superb return from the Mercury nominee...

Anna Calvi is legit. On her 2011 debut she was finding her voice, on its follow she was learning her craft, but on her third album ‘Hunter’ she is the definitive article.

‘Hunter’ is a brave album that should be commended, recommended and played to death. ‘Don't Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy’ is a massive pop song. Huge guitar riffs, gargantuan drum fills and soaring vocals boss the senses until that glorious chorus kicks in. ‘Chain’ sounds like Calvi is wringing all the emotion out of her guitar through glorious, heartbreaking, solos and discordant riffs.

‘Indies or Paradise’ is the star of the show. It showcases Calvi not only as a lyricist, “Rain rain rain on my back, crawling through the trees like an animal / I taste taste taste of the dirt, taste the dirt of us”, but as a musician able to write riffs that will turn venues, and stereos, to rubble, but also showing a restraint and sensitivity missing from her previous albums.

‘Hunter’ sees Calvi build on her prodigious self-titled debut and flawless follow up ‘One Breath’, but also push herself musically. She has thrown off those shackles and sounding like a mixture of PJ Harvey covering 1980s Bowie or even Kate Bush while performing at the Road House in Twin Peaks. There is a danger to the music, but also a sensuality.

This is the album we've been waiting for, whether we knew it or not.


Words: Nick Roseblade

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