Garage-punk crackling with intensity...

“It’s just relevant.”

A short but sweet statement from Isaac Holman, half of garage-punk duo Slaves alongside Laurie Vincent, as he explains the enigmatic name of the band. His blunt reaction imitates the raw vitality of the pair’s music: a sound that explodes with murderous riff and aggressively witty lyricism.  

The boyish charm of Slaves is infectious. As Isaac screams like an indignant poet whilst annihilating the cymbals of his drum kit, illustrated man Laurie provides the contagious melodies that the hibernating punk inside everyone can appreciate.

Each raucous performance sees the pair releasing an almost painful amount of energy, ending in the removing of clothes and puddles of sweat and spit drowning the stage.

“Expect a lot of energy from our live shows,” Isaac confirms. “Maybe a little bit of blood, humour and a whole lot of happy smiling faces.” A grin strikes across his face: “It’s real good fun for all the family.”   

Filled with violently concise snippets of irate adolescence, the band’s 2012 debut album ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’ documents lairy angst, girl fights and the temptation of suicide.

“I know I speak for both of us when I say it’s also not just music that influences us,” says Isaac. “Other things include people – usually females – as well as films, quotes, books, animals, places, conversations. The list goes on…”

Support slots with the likes of Cerebral Ballzy, Drenge and The Skints have laid fine foundations for greater success going forward – and Radio 1’s Zane Lowe is a confirmed Slaves fan. The pair played the BBC Introducing stage at 2013’s Reading and Leeds festivals. And, now?

“Now, we’re writing new music, playing lots of shows, and working hard to keep the momentum going,” confirms the singer-drummer – or the drummer-singer, if you prefer. Catch them where you can, but be sure to be ready for a tremendously visceral experience.

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Where: Maidstone / Tunbridge Wells

What: Lo-fi garage-punk

Get 3 Songs: ‘Nervous Energy’ (video above), ‘Beauty Quest’, ‘White Knuckle Ride’

Fact: Isaac’s favourite biscuit is a Bourbon and Laurie’s is a Foxes Golden Crunch Cream.

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Words: Joanie Eaton

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