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It was last year when a colours video was released, where Pip Millett performed a deeply emotional performance for ‘Make Me Cry’. It grabbed the hearts of listeners and If they weren't a fan already, they definitely were now. There was an abundance of soul accompanied by lyrics that were personal and profound that resonated with many listeners.

Since then, the Manchester native has released her EP ‘Do Well’ alongside a new single entitled ‘Deeper Dark’. She describes her own music as “subtle, emotional and calm”, aligning with the presence she emanates in person as we found out when meeting at a cafe in Shoreditch.

In the past week Pip has sold out two headline shows, one in London and another in her home city of Manchester. We asked whether its been a good week “I’ve only just taken it in now you’ve said it.”. Following up with whether she’s looking forward to the shows. “I am, more so than last time. I feel more relaxed about them. Maybe that’s a bad thing. Last time I felt unprepared, but this time I feel way more prepared”.

Pip’s writing style is open and there’s a level of vulnerability that makes her lyrics so relatable. “It Can be quite an emotional process making the tracks. It’s probably the only time I’m in that space. It’s quite strange that the only time that I get emotional is when I’m singing.” She concedes that “in actual real life I don’t think I express my emotions very often. I feel like I hide quite a lot of things until I’ve written a track. It’s a good outlet, I feel lucky that I have that as something to make me a little less cold and a bit more expressive”.

Living in London for the time being, Pip has been working with some new producers, stating: “I’ve been writing with some new ones and hopefully some can work out” but for her most recent single ‘Deeper Dark’ “the last track I wrote was produced by me, I haven’t shared that fact much in case I get judged for the recording quality!”.

Speaking more about her new track Deeper Dark, which is a song that feels like Pip’s ignoring feelings for someone, she says: “Yeah, it’s no about my current situation, lets make that clear” adding “I’ve only had one boyfriend. Before that I used to just see people. I just never wanted anyone. Anytime I would feel emotional or upset by what someone had done, I didn’t want to be in that situation anymore. I wasn’t comfortable being dependant on someone at the time… I am now!”

What's next for Pip Millett? “I don’t feel like I’ve done lots of writing yet” adding “But I’ve got a brand new guitar, so ready to write some more tunes”.

Where: Manchester
What: R&B/Soul
Get 3 Songs: ‘Make Me Cry’, ‘'Love The Things You Do', 'Deeper Dark'

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Words: Joe Hale // @joehale94

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