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Genre blending is a norm within the contemporary UK music space. In fact, it informs sounds that can be found worldwide. A genre known in England for this methodology - grime - first informed North London’s BenjiFlow.

“It’s the environment that I grew up in” the singer notes. “The Wileys, Skeptas, all of those guys, you grew up admiring all of them.”  However, for Benji’s own trajectory, much more than this genre alone formed fundamental aspects of his unique palette.

“I get inspired by so many genres worldwide,” he says. “The Ebo Taylors from Ghana for instance; high-life. Older-school rhythms from Africa really are the root of what makes us move and shake.”

BenjiFlow also depicts music from Bermuda and Cuba helping in shaping his current influences. Overall, however, his music is rooted in feelings.

Predominantly known for his viral-track ‘Deep End,’ released in late-2018, BenjiFlow’s package hones in on moods and instrumentals. “I’d compare it to how you’d see a Pharrell. You know that ‘Frontin’’ is one of the best songs out there, but it’s about the mood more so than analysing every single run or his overall voice.” Fela Kuti, too, is also mentioned as a prominent influence.

For Benji, his musical upbringing and varied taste led to him producing for the likes of Wretch 32 before becoming a solo-act. “Once I took that option to step out and become my own artist, everything began to fall in place.”

BenjiFlow will release his new EP in the coming weeks, but he remains extremely tight-lipped about it. Despite this, he gushes when talking about the core concepts throughout the project. “It’s more so about a female and technically being with her and the feeling of breaking up and those conversations you have post-relationships. I want my fans to really relate to this one and feel; it’s time to give real feelings again, in a cool way, properly incorporating musicality.”

Armed with multiple skills already mastered and honest about his commitment to still improving vocally, it’s clear that BenjiFlow has the craftsmanship and rhythm in abundance to stand the test of time in the UK’s current musical climate.

Where: North London 

What: Genre-blending Afro-pop/hip-hop

Get 3 Songs: ‘Deep End’, ‘Can’t Lose’, ‘Somebody’

Fact: Benji is a huge fan of ’80s music.

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Words: Nicolas Tyrell

Photography: Joel Smedley

Fashion: Zarina Shukri

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