Joseph J Jones
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Making honest, reflective, soulful music, Joseph J. Jones followed by his stunning debut album ‘Built On Broken Bones Vol. 1’ with what he calls a closure of a chapter in his life- something he wants to leave behind in pursuit of better things, and even better music. The second instalment ‘Built On Broken Bones’ tells stories of love, loss, regrets and of messages from beyond the grave.

Speaking of the album and the inspiration behind it he says, “If Vol. 1 was about doing the things you shouldn’t be doing; about taking a relationship for granted, Vol 2 is about recognising the loss and regrets; about losing the relationship and wanting it back. Sentimentally the idea was that Vol 1 was the night before and Vol 2 was the night after. It was two different sides of the same coin.”

Introspection- of things done and left undone- is an important theme in Joseph’s music, and in life as well it seems as he mentions his personal favourite track from the album, ‘Stranger’. He says, “It’s about doing things you aren’t supposed to be doing, and looking in the mirror, and you don’t recognise yourself. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling of becoming someone you don’t really recognise; becoming a stranger.”

With his music he hopes to help people break out of this rut, of not knowing yourself. Asked what message he’d like to convey with his music he says, “There is a way to get out of the darkness and become a better person. But equally it’s alright to go through what you’re going through emotionally.”

This message aren’t just mere words to him. He appears to live by them, looking to achieve contentment within his music. Someone who sets goals and achieves them before moving on to the next goal, Joseph appears excited for what’s to come next for him, as he exclaims, “The next wave of stuff is more observational than personal. I think something really cool is to come in my next wave of music and I’m over the moon about it.”

He wants to move on and be better, but that isn’t to say he isn’t proud of what his “old” music has achieved, whether it be a sold-out show in Oslo, having Elton John play his track and praise him there’s a lot that’s worth mentioning. But what stands out most is the story behind ‘Broken Bones’, the last track of the album. The song is a thank you note to his granddad, a musician whose message from beyond the grave via a clairvoyant who helped him continue his music when he wanted to give up, seems the perfect way to move on to even bigger things.

Influenced by a range of genres, he says he wants to make a singer’s version of grime, goth and hip-hop music, next. And with everything bright that’s on the horizon, when he tells me he would have either been a dog breeder or a boxer if not for a musician, it's fortunate he didn’t go down either path and chose to stick with making brilliant music.

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Words: Malvika Padin

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