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A brilliant club track is unforgettable. Hanging with mates at 4am, ditching the pub in favour of a laptop and front room beers, there you sit, scrolling YouTube for a certified banger, anxiously steering the parties beatscape. The mind wanders back to dance-floor lived moments, inspired by the kind of heady drop which instantly ignites wild movement or perpetuates a wave of overly enthusiastic office head-bobs.

Santell, Mad Decent songwriter and Lido collaborator, is fully aware of the essential ingredients necessary to adding flavour and fire to a hi-NRG R&B anthem. Working from the West Coast on his first ever EP - titled 'Pressure Saint Germain' - diligently crafted in his home studio and conceptualised amongst friends, Santells 90’s style and effortless aesthetic reflect his character, his attitude and everything about what's good right now.

A Los Angeles native, Brandon Santell, first emerged as a featured vocalist for local CA beat scene producers and DJs. Spending time in Diplo’s studio, he was experimenting with lyrics alongside Lido one day, when a sleepy voice offered advice on how to mould and shape the direction of a track the lads were struggling with. A creative relationship was solidified and standout releases 'Dreamer' with Branchez and 'Passion Project' with Lido were released.

Soulful and charged with emotion, Santell wants to create meaningful music to inspire love and loss. He is quick to note that he never wants to labelled as an electronic artist or a standard vocalist “I never wanted to make run of the mill R&B.” After spending time in-between London and Paris, Santells non-binary approach to making music came to fruition. “I revisited a lot of sounds that had influenced me growing up, like house and garage. I missed that adrenaline in music and R&B just wasn’t doing it for me”.

'Do Dat' produced by long-time friends and collaborators Picard Brothers (Kehlani and Wizkid ) is the first solo release from Santell. A brave and bold testament to his past influences and present signature sound, his EP will divide fans, entertaining those who will be familiar with his work before but also appealing more directly to progressive, post-internet music heads. Ghostwriting for numerous big names in the industry Santell had become disenchanted by creating art that others could assume ownership of.

Now is his time to assume responsibility for his wide spanning talents. Aspiring to make full throttle, futuristically ambitious beats, shaking up the over-saturated music market, his inspiration comes from fluid fun; All night raves and passion. An unbranded, independent artist who is much needed, arriving to revamp the overly commercial and contrived hotly tipped new music lists of 2018, Santell is the only new noise you need to carry your through to the New Year this December.

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Words: Milly McMahon

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