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Tel Aviv has had a stellar year in music; from the aggressive electronica of Noga Erez’s debut record ‘Off The Radar’ to the hip-hop-meets-electro-pop of ISADORA, DORJ continues this rich vein of form with his sultry, emotional, trip-hop inspired neo-soul. DORJ himself sees that Tel Aviv has a “rich and interesting” music scene, he cites a “diverse mixture of people coming from different backgrounds which creates these colourful and intriguing sounds” as being key to this, despite the cities relatively small size, helping it punch above its weight.

Although of Moroccan descent, DORJ was brought up on the coast of the Mediterranean in a place where music can feel like escapism. It is also through music that DORJ finds peace with himself “for me it’s the only place where I can communicate my inner deep feelings to the outside. It’s where I can confront myself in a deep level stating what I want to say and for what reason I want to say it.”

DORJ has seen his stock rise across Europe with a sizeable following in Berlin where he has performed at the legendary Berghain, he has been finding success in less obvious places. Recently finding himself in Poland “We arrived to the place, did a soundcheck, and then wandered around the neighbourhood for two hours. When we arrived back to the venue the place was sold out! I was starting the show and the crowd knew all the lyrics by heart, it was such a real and powerful moment for me.”

His latest cut ‘Shadow’ sees him continue to work in the studio with friends, this time with Londoner Subculture Sounds who produced and co-wrote the track as well as providing a verse at the end and releasing it via the newly relaunched London imprint Twisted Hearts which he co-runs. All brushed snares and airy synths, DORJ’s vocals shimmer over the top and then literally creak with heartache over the beautiful chorus to make a stunningly emotive slice of electronic music.

As for what is next for DORJ, there’s “a lot of things cooking” including a new single with Tambou - another upcoming producer based in Tel Aviv - and he’s also “working on a live show and an album with Melodiesinfonie who I met while on the road after we both performed at the same venue in Switzerland. I am especially excited about this project, as we have a true connection which will hopefully transfer throughout the album.”

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