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With the universe devolving into the biggest political and social clusterfuck we have ever seen, it would make sense for the number of young politically motivated bands to be on the rise. Representing Norway are Haley, Tor-Arne, Lasse and Halvard AKA Sløtface - Stavanger’s fine pop rock foursome whose tirelessly fiery attitude’s set to take the UK by storm.

While Sløtface may not be a household name as of yet, they certainly haven't wasted anytime making themselves heard - or seen for that matter. For their song Sponge State taken from the same entitled EP, the band took to Førde Fjord in Norway to take part in a peaceful protest while simultaneously filming their music video. The protest was against Nordic Mining’s plans to dump over 250 million tonnes of waste in the fjord: “We consider ourselves a political band. We want people to be proactive, to care, and to take action, we think everyone should have equal opportunities and should be treated equally, and have equal possibilities to achieve their goals, those are political issues. Politics to us could be something as simple as stopping music teachers from discouraging young girls to start drumming or playing electric guitar, to something as complex and huge as civil rights issues or the environment” says front woman Haley, who is reminiscent of a certain orange haired pack leader of the same name.

And the evidence of their ballsy nature doesn’t stop at their arrests in sub zero temperatures. Previously described as every other synonym for ‘energetic’ - and with good reason - no track so far wastes any time proving that these newcomers mean business. Last year’s ‘Empire Records’ is a homage to the 1995 film of the same title and will be the next track to feel the wrath of your ‘replay’ button. With a frolicking bass, lyrics in sharper English than mine and a surging unmistakeable confidence, they sound like a band that was always meant to be. So it’s astonishing to learn of what a happy accident Sløtface was. “We all played in different bands when we were younger, but nothing really serious. Haley wanted to record some demos which she and Tor-Arne had made. So she brought in Lasse which again brought in me. So the initial goal was to record some demos and then be done with it, but since it worked out so well we continued working together”, explains drummer Halvard.

If i’ve counted correctly, the quartet only have TEN tracks available on Spotify, a low number to showcase an already impressively distinguished sound. When asked about their musical inspirations, Tor-Arne offers: “Everything between Bikini Kill to LCD Soundsystem”, which is quite the spectrum. But rightly said: “I feel like genres in general are pretty blurry nowadays. The easy way [to describe ourselves] would be to call it rock. The hard version would be something like: alternative indie pop/rock with a punkish edge.”

There’s also something hugely bracing about seeing such a well glued together band with a strong female head, which isn’t always the case when the male ratio is three to one. When asking Haley (writer of all lyrics) about some of the ideas behind the EP ‘Empire Records’, it’s easy to see why when themes include: “Dream jobs, luke-warm breakups, being away from things that make you happy, chaos and fun.” Here’s to being relatable. So what can we look forward to in 2017 for Sløtface? “Mostly really fun, weird and exciting live shows, and we hope people really like the album we're releasing” assures Haley.

Where: Bergen, Norway
What: Angst infused pop rock charged with righteous riffs and a unapologetic attitude.
Get Three Songs: Sponge State, Take Me Dancing, Get My Own

Fact: They presented the weather in Norwegian on national French TV.

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Words: Laura Copley

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