Next Wave #1067: Milo Clare

Next Wave #1067: Milo Clare

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Milo Clare is a musician on the verge of stardom. Songs from his recently released EP, ‘EP 01’, were featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds R&B playlist, and he is about to embark on his first-ever headline show, a massive feat for any up-and-coming artist. Speaking to Clash three weeks before his show at The Social in London, there is a unique state of composure as Milo reflects on his journey to the release of his EP, all while prepping for a dinner party at his house that evening.

There is an air of confidence and self-belief that surrounds him. His voice is filled with hope and excitement at every question about his work. Defining his sound as “psychedelic funk-rock”, Milo is evidently passionate about his craft and the skills he possesses. Indeed, he has had time to work on this project. His music career began many years before, in his childhood home in north London, where he learned to play the guitar. “I think I wrote songs with my sister,” Milo reflects. The image of a young and playful Milo fills the mind, attempting to make musical gold with his elder sister.

His musical upbringing - “everyone I was around as a kid were big music fans” he notes - directly impacted his style and sound. From mornings spent alongside his mother listening to Erykah Badu, to afternoons with his producer-godfather, who would take him to the studio and let him “listen to the things he was working on”, music seemed an integral part of his familial DNA.

While Milo is thrilled to reflect on his early beginnings, his enthusiasm increases tenfold as he shares his favourite tracks of his new project. His voice drips with emotion as he animatedly describes his love for ‘Electric Connect’, one of the singles off his EP. “ I just remember being in the car in LA, when we were playing around with the structure and the mix of [‘Electric Connect’], driving around listening to a record we just made, and it felt really special. So if anyone else gets a moment like that, that song, I'd love that.”

But it is the project as a whole that Milo cannot wait to share. “I’m so excited to have people be able to listen and interact with it,” he muses. “It's from a really special time in my life and kind of captured a few fond memories.”

And what else is more exciting than performing your very own music in front of screaming fans who adore you. When prompted about preparations for his imminent London show, Milo humorously responded that he only had time for “lots of panic and procrastination” followed by a heartfelt laugh.

No, like anything he puts his mind to, Milo is determined to create a masterpiece. “I’m playing with four other musicians who are super-talented and I'm really excited.” Even with serious hounding for nuggets of information on the show, Milo is quick to shut down the nosiness with a tease: “There will be no tracks or computers. Just really good musicians.” Perhaps the only way to get a true glimpse is to go to the show.

Only a few months into 2022 and Milo Clare is hitting all his goals. Nevertheless, his ambitions do not stop with releasing an EP or performing at a couple of shows. “I want to write for other people’s projects as well,” says Milo. He is a driven musician, constantly working to create more, even going a step further to build his own recording studio in his back garden (although sceptical of his building skills).

His drive all circles back to his reasons for making music: it is his favourite part of life. “I find for me that if I go to a studio and I write something that I'm really happy with, it boosts my mood and could last for like a couple of days afterwards. It is a bit of a superpower to change your mood and feeling by doing something that you really love.”  

This seems to be just the beginning for Milo Clare.

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Catch Milo Clare at London's The Social on May 5th.

Words: Cora Jordon
Photo Credit: Joshua Heavens Onabowu

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