It's an absolute riot...

London outfit Yassassin blast back with new cut 'Citizen' - tune in now.

The ever-evolving collective recently recruited a brand new rhythm section, and set about recording live - direct to tape - with Richard James and Euan Hinshelwood.

New single 'Citizen' is an attempt to start a c-o-n-v-e-r-s-a-t-i-o-n while riding an almighty, careering, helter-skelter guitar riff.

“‘Citizen’ has been an ever-evolving song that went through a huge re-jig when Steph and Nat joined the band”, Yassassin explain. “I guess it’s about realising that as messed up as our world is, there are still so many people who care and get themselves involved in fighting injustices. It really gives you hope. It’s important for young people to speak up, demonstrate, to get involved politically if that’s your thing, to write songs, make art.”

Exhilirating guitar noize that just about keeps it all together, 'Citizen' is the start of something new from the band, a sign that they're becoming able to nail their effervescent live energy in the studio.

“We played live to tape in order to capture more of an essence of the live shows”, the band explain on the recording process. “It heightened our senses and sharpened us up in a way that worked to get a better sounding record - leaving in those errors adds to the magic.”

Tune in now.

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