'Heavy Pop' seemingly used without permission...
Wu Lyf

Wu Lyf have reacted angrily after their music was seemingly used without permission in an ad for the new Toyota GT86.

The use of music in advertising has become a thorny issue of late. Sigur Ros posted a memorable blog about 'sound-alikes' treading on their toes, while The National took umbrage with pro-Romney campaigners using their music in an online ad.

Now Wu Lyf are the latest to speak out. A new ad for the new Toyota GT86 has appeared online, which makes liberal use of the band's song 'Heavy Pop' - seemingly without their permission. Sadly, that's not all: the ad displays a rather chauvinistic attitude, with director Arnaud Uyttenhove displaying a series of men discussing their purchase of the car with the partner producing some rather emotional results.

All in all, it's in pretty poor taste.

Posting a message online (via NME) Wu Lyf struck out at the team behind the ad:

TO ANYBODY INTERESTED AS TO WHY WE ARE FEATURED IN A TOYOTA ADVERT: We, too, are interested to know why our music is featured in a sexist sports car advert that encourages men to live out their 'inner chauvinist'. We have not consented to this, we have not earned a penny from this and on behalf of the band I am fucking angry about this. Wouldn't have minded so much if it was for a Lamborghini.

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Watch the video below.

White trash beauty from Amsterdam Ad Blog on Vimeo.


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