Manager Confirms Singer Is Working

The manager of troubled singer Amy Winehouse, Lucian Grange, has confirmed that the multi-million selling star has begun recording demos for her third album.

Winehouse has balanced critical acclaim with public adoration since the release of chart busting album 'Back To Black' last year. A massive success, tabloid interest in her life coincided with a troubled spell for the singer with husband Blake jailed and an escalating drug habit.

Speaking to BBC6 Music Winehouse' manager Lucian Grange said "I’ve heard some demos and I’ve heard some simple acoustic songs that she’s played me in my office on acoustic guitar, and what I’ve heard has been sensational."

Many critics have speculated that Winehouse's career could be about to freefall, with sessions for a proposed Bond theme abandoned earlier this year. However, manager Grange says he believes the best has yet to come from the singer.

"Of course, because I’m an optimist and I believe in her. I believe in her as a person and I certainly believe in her as an artist and that’s what I hope for,” he said.

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